All Colours Of Fruits….

There is a bazaar in which here the unit of measure is not scales on the road, but bucket (vedra) where all the products are sold in a bucket (vedra) or by unit. Bazaar is situated on the Baku-Gabala-Baku road. Local people sell their fruits, vegetables and other products gathered from their gardens and fields.

Bakı-Gabala road

It is possible to find special seasonings for winter supply, healing herbs gathered from the mountains, home-made marinade fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and many rarely found products in this colourful bazaar. These glass containers put on the wooden shelves attract the attention of passers-by.
It is possible to buy some of the most unusual kinds of jams such as walnut jam, canker bloom jam, rose jam, as well as, juice of barberry, doshab, bakmaz, natural honey from the Caucasus Mountains etc. in order to use in the treatment of many diseases naturally