Gabala Historical Ethnography Museum

This museum presenting 2500 year history of Gabala was created in 1980. More than 12.000 exhibits of ancient, medieval and recent history are displayed in the museum.
There are 13 exhibition halls, a museum fund, a rich scientific library, an art gallery and an open-air museum exhibiting ancient stone chronicles in the museum. Household items, pottery and clay containers, ethnographic materials, ancient writings and other interesting monuments found in ancient Gabala are protected

Haydar Aliyev Museum

This museum, which was commissioned in 2007, contains pictures about the life and activities of national leader of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev. There are more than 200 pictures, archival materials and various books in the museum. Moreover, the museum also operates as a Gabala branch of world-famous Haydar Aliev Foundation

Museum of Wine

Museum of Wine is located in historic Savalan, where historic vineyard fields of Gabala existed, in the territory of Aspi-Agro wine factory. Unique exhibits shown in the museum indicates that the territory of Gabala is one of the foremost regions in the area of vine-growing. At present, cubes and clay dishes for the burying of wine are being discovered in the different excavations.
The museum exhibits historical facts about the origin and stages of development of vine-growing traditions in different regions of Azerbaijan. Moreover, you can watch the documentary film about development of active vine-growing plantations in Azerbaijan in 1960-1980s in the museum. There is also a place showing development chronology of Gabala Aspi-Agro Company in the museum.