Gabala Jam Festival

Gabala staying in the memory of the visitors with delicious dishes and non-traditional desserts, is traditionally hosting the “Jam Festival” every year . The festival has been holding in the center of Gabala city for more than 5 years.The confectioners of 22 countries, Turkey, Germany, Belarus, Great Britain, Georgia, Croatia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Romania, Saudi Arabia and as well as masters of jams from 44 cities and regions of Azerbaijan demonstrate their products in the festival that has been holding in the city center of Gabala for more than 5 years. Teams composed of 8 people who prepare 8 types of jam compete in the festival. The main principle of the competition is that the jury and the participants taste the different types of jams prepared by each team and then the most liked team is chosen and rewarded.
Traditional jams, cherry, blackberries, strawberries, quince, walnuts, apricots and so on, as well as non-traditional jams made from corn, sunflower, melon, cucumber, eggplant, lemon, violet, mint, rose hips, tomatoes and as well as medicinal herbs are represented in the festival. After the end of the competition, the exhibition is organized and the jams are put on sale. Festival continues with live music and show programs until midnight