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Gabala city is located 225 km away from Baku. The region is generally bordered by Dagestan Autonomous Republic from the north, Guba region from the north-east, Ismayilli region from the east, Goychay and Agdash regions from the south and Sheki and Oghuz regions from the west. Gabala City is the most important tourism region in the country combining hotels, international airport, recreation centers, Congress Center and other important infrastructures. City’s tourism potential includes recreational activities, business meetings, cultural tourism, sports tourism and other entertainment activities


Gabala, the city that hosts most of the tourists of the country, has been the capital of Caucasian Albania for 800 years. The ruins of the ancient city of Gabala are considered as Chukhurkabala (Chukhur Gabala) surrounded by two fortress walls located 2 km from the present Gabala city. Gabala was mentioned as “Kabalaka” in Pliny’s historical writings and as “Khabala” in Ptolemy’s works. During excavations which show that the city of Gabala belonged to the ancient period, it was revealed that the bottom layer of the city was belonging to 3rd millenium BC


The city is rich with walnut and chestnut trees. Chestnut trees, located in the bottom of mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level give special beauty to mountains. The average age of the trees here is over 500 years and most of them are a part of a state-protected flora system. There are 2 National Reserves (Turyanchay National Reserve- link) and Gabala State Historical and Art Reserve (mostly ancient excavations are preserved) and Shahdag National Park. There are about 1000 fountains and springs in the district
Animals living mainly in mountainous and foothill plains are found in the area. Shahdag National Park was established in 2006 in order to protect the unique fauna of the area and nowadays animal such as brown bear, wild boar, roe, rabbit, wolf, wildcat etc.; birds such as oriole, quail, wood pigeon and pheasant are preserved and grown


The city of Gabala includes all mountainous reliefs of mountainous valley. Bazarduzu (4466m), the highest peak of Azerbaijan, is located in Gabala. Moreover, Tufandag, Bazaryurd and Shahdagh peaks, the most important mountainous parts of the country, are in this region.
The average temperature reaches 27-33 degrees during the summer months (July-August) and drops to -10 degrees in winter months