Heydar Aliyev Congress Hall Gabala

Recently, Azerbaijan has hosted a number of international events in the regions, with the dynamic development of tourism. The climate, nature and infrastructure of the region make Azerbaijan a new destination for conferences and events. As one of the leading destinations among these regions, Gabala city creates favorable conditions for such events with its well-developed infrastructure and international airport. Heydar Aliyev Congress Center was built to hold the large-scale events in Gabala in 2012.
Heydar Aliyev Congress Center was built 4 kilometers far from the city center of Gabala and surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains . The overall design of the building was made of white, green and gold colors as they symbolize the nature, pure springs and luxury. The building consists of 3 floors and is located in a total area of 8.5 hectares.

Distance from Gabala city center: 4 km
Distance from Gabala International Airport: 35 km
Distance from Baku Airport: 230 km

Tel: +994 24 205 44 70
Fax: +994 24 205 44 71

There is a multi-purpose hall that seats up to 350 people, two VIP rooms and a preparation room on the first floor of a building. Multi-purpose (1200 seats) conference hall is located on the second floor of the building. There are also 2 terraces and 8 common entrance doors and a 463-square-meter foyer. Of the 22 live broadcast points in the building, 16 are on the second floor. Special seats that fold into the floor make the conference hall suitable for various purposes. There are 4 VIP rooms for individual meetings on the second floor. The Congress Center is equipped with the latest sound system, meeting equipment and furniture. There are 5 meeting halls in different capacities and a media room on the third floor of the Congress Center. The luxurious 350-person restaurant located on the first floor of the center serves delicious food of national and international cuisine.