Muchug Waterfall

There is a huge scenery of a mountain cliff at the end of the impassable mountain roads in the north of the village of Laza. In the past, according to the local population, the village was built in the lowest part of the mountain. However, cliffs of the mountain made the connection between this village and other villages difficult over time, and the local population began to migrate here. The symbol of the village of Muchuq is the Muchuq waterfall flowing from the Muchuq mountain slopes, 7 kilometers far from the village of Laza. The mountain path full of barriers takes the visitors to the small waterfall, the first destination. But this is still the beginning of the road. So that the mountain path takes the visitors to the highest point of the village of Duruca. Here,from the 54-meter-high altitude, Muchug waterfall amazes the visitors by its noise and as well as charming view.İt is necessary to cross over the slippery rock stones in order to draw nearer to the waterfall and then the stone tunnel brings the visitors nearer to this charming landscape.

Seven Beauties Waterfall (Yeddi Gozal)

This mountainous waterfall flowing from the highest peaks of the Caucasus Mountains is in Vandam village of Gabala. The name of the Seven Beauties Waterfall originates from the name of the 7 mountain roads one should pass to reach the waterfall. As the waterfall is completely frozen in the winter, it gets harder to get here. But in spring and summer, tea houses are available on every mountain road, where the guests are offered a tea set with traditional types of Gabala jam. At the highest point of the waterfall there is a tea house with a special wooden mattress where you can drink tea with the pleasant sound and scenery of the waterfall in the background. The water of the tea is taken from the waterfall and gives a unique taste to it.

Nohur Lake

Eye-catching Lake Nohur with the magnificent Caucasus Mountains, fresh air and water is one of the most picturesque places of Gabala. The visitors are amazed by the beauty of Lake Nohur. The quiet atmosphere and bird sounds create an ideal relaxation environment to escape from the noise of the city. Although swimming in the lake is prohibited (the lake is also used as a reservouir and provides drinking water for Gabala and surrounding regions), it is a perfect place for fishing. You can also take a boat and catamaran ride and enjoy the surrounding landscape. Gabala Chenot Hotel is located on the northern coast of the lake.As the lake is located at the end of the roads a bit hard to pass, you can get here by cars. Road to Lake Nohur is on the Baku-Gabala highway, near the village of Nohurqishlag. In addition, most of the hotels in Gabala have tours to Lake Nohur that cost between 10-20 AZN