The Nic Village

The Nic village, which reflects the ancient heritage and culture of the past, is located 40km from the city center of Qabala. With its unique culture, beliefs and heritage, this village gets very big interest from tourists coming to Qabala. Nic has a Cotari church built in the 17th century, dating back to the history of Caucasian Albania. Historical monument, along with its antiquity, is also differs by its uniqueness.

The Hazra Village

Located at an altitude of 900km above the sea level, this village is admired by its magnificient view of the highlands and greenery. The village is located 4km from Gabala city and is one of the oldest historical sites. There are many historical monuments in the countryside which coincide with the period of the Islamic religion spread throughout the territory of Azerbaijan. The most important of these are the Hazrat Tombstones located in the Hazra forest. 7 kurgans and grave stones have been discovered in the territory of the forest and are currently protected as monuments of national significance.

The Laza Village

The village of Laza is divided into two parts by the magnificent Caucasian mountains, one part is located in Gabala and the other part is in the Gusar region. The most distinctive feature of this village is the harmony of nature and colors in all chapters. In the summer months, there are domestic people living in the 3000m high and migrate in the winter months. There are also special tours to the district and tours where honey production is demonstrated.

The Vendam Village

The Vendam village, which is selected by beauty is located at the entrance of Gabala, its also distinguished by its forested areas with its huge fruit gardens. Near the village is located the Yeddi Gozal waterfall, one of the most picturesque places in Gabala. In addition, Vandam village was known for its carpet weaving.