Relaxation and tranquility on nature…

Gabala, where ancient treatment traditions and sanatoriums locates, has influenced the operating of sanatorium-type facilities from past years with mineral water springs and ongoing fertile climatic conditions. Currently, Gabala has two hotels operating as sanatorium and healthcare services. One of them is Qafqaz Thermal Hotel that is located in former “Yengica” sanatorium and offers “Yengica” thermal water treatment. Chenot Palace hotel is another health and wellness hotel in Gabala.

New stage on wellness tourism..

Chenot Palace Hotel is located on the shores of Lake Nohur, in the most picturesque area of Gabala. Chenot Palace Hotel offers new treatment with detox and anti-stress programs, which is the latest trend in the world giving new breathing to therapeutic tourism. Luxurious treatments help you in the renewal of your soul, body and brain and keep you away from the noise.

Special medical-aesthetic laboratory, treatment room with ice-cryotherapy rooms up to -110 degrees, treatment with antigravitasis and physiotherapy devices include here. The hotel also has medical and spa staff from Europe, as well as, specialist chefs for diet dishes.

Qafqaz Thermal Hotel operates in a location of former “Yengica” sanatorium and offers “Yengica” thermal water treatment.Diseases treated by Yengica mineral water include: joint pains, nervous system diseases, bone aches, rheumatic pains, muscle aches, skin diseases, osteochondrosis and other diseases.Yengica water is famous for its healing feature. Its mineral composition consists of Na+,Ca+,SiO2-2,H3SiO4,K+,Mg2+,NH4+,Cl-,SO2-4 and other elements. Treatments are performed in warmer wooden baths at no more than 38˚ and no more than 10 procedures under the control of the physician. Each procedure takes about 15 minutes.Besides the treatment with Yengica mineral water, Qafqaz Thermal Hotel provides treatment services with Naftalan oil, which is the only one in the northern region.

Naftalan oil is a thick, black – brown liquid with a specific, aromatic odour, having high viscosity and specific weight. Naftalan has a complex chemical composition and is very resinous, a little sour, without paraffin oil, and unlike industrial oils, contains almost no light fractions such as gasoline, kerosene, naphtha. The main therapeutic components of Naftalan are naphthenic hydrocarbons which is the basis of its composition with high molecular weight and multicellular (cyclopentane-perhydrofenantren).Moreover, sulphur and nitrogen compounds and microelements contained in Naftalan play an important role in the treatment effect of Naftalan. Naftalan oil is capable of treating up to 70 diseases by containing inflammation, acupuncture, vascular, anti-allergic, metabolic features. This unique natural remedy helps people to get rid of some illnesses without drugs.