Wonderful escape from city noise…

Gabala has been serving to the both local tourists and foreigners due to its well-developed hotel infrastructure for many years already. serving both land and guests. The most favorable hotel infrastructure in the region proves itself with hotels classified by different stars.The main hotels in Gabala are as follows:Qafqaz Riverside, Qafqaz Resort, Qafqaz Sport, Qafqaz Thermal Hotel, Qafqaz Karvansaray, Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort Hotel, Qafqaz Yeddi Gozal, Qafqaz Gabala City, Karvan Hotel, Duyma Hotels and etc.

Luxury Hotels

There are “Qafqaz Riverside Resort”, “Qafqaz Tufandag”, “Chenot Palace”, “Qafqaz Resort”, “Qafqaz Sport Resort” and “Qafqaz Thermal Hotel” for those who like luxurious rest in Gabala. Each of these hotels is designed for different types of guests, in addition to being the five-star hotels and meeting the high standards. Among these hotels, Qafqaz Riverside Resort is the most luxurious hotel in Gabala with the highest standards of service. The hotel is an ideal choice to relax both with family and alone. The hotel, covering more than 20 hectares of area, is surrounded by dense forests. Gabaland recreation center and cable car station are located near the hotel. Along with luxurious and spacious rooms, there are also cottages for those who love relaxing alone. One of the most luxurious resorts in nature is the Qafqaz Tufandag Hotel. Located in the Tufandag Resort, the hotel offers a comfortable relaxation with its modern style rooms and restaurants.

Wellness Hotels

Taking into account the contribution of natural resources to human health in the Gabala region, two health wellness hotels are functioning here. One of them is Chenot Palace Hotel, which provides services for refreshing the spirit and body with detox programs based on the principles of world-famous detox and health expert Henry Chenot. The hotel provides favorable conditions to relax and get the treament as well, due to its luxurious view, health welness facilities that meet European standards and experienced staff. The other hotel is Qafqaz Thermal Hotel, which is a part of the legendary Yengica sanatorium in the village of Yengica. The hotel offers health treatments with the unique Yengica hot water which belongs to the Gabala region and has unique healing properties and the unique Naftalan oil of northern region. . The hotel is located in the heart of the Yengica forest, in a unique area on the edge of the Yengica River. Here, the most pleasing colors of the nature help the soul to nourish itself with the the view from the hotel rooms and the mind to be away from all the worries.

Resort Hotels

The most preferred hotels by the people who love to have a rest with their family or friends in Gabala are the Qafqaz Resort and Qafqaz Karvansaray Boutique. Qafqaz Resort hotel is located in a spacious greenery surrounded by the magnificent Caucasian Mountains. Along with the hotel rooms, there are different-sized cottages in a spacious area. There are two restaurants that offer two kinds of national cuisine at the hotel. In addition, the hotel has a spacious spa center and entertainment center. Entertainment center includes bowling, cinema, mountain climbing by ATV quad bikes and other activities. Qafqaz Karvansaray Hotel is located in the center of Gabala city. The hotel was built in the style of the ancient Karvansaray. The interior of the hotel surrounded by large stone walls is in the eastern style. The hotel has a spacious restaurant surrounded by Karvansaray windows on all four sides at the very center of it. The ceiling of the restaurant is decorated with special colorful umbrellas. There is a large spa center, a game room, lobby bar and outdoor playground.

Family Hotels

There is Qafqaz Sport Resort Hotel designed in a modern style close to the Caucasian Karvansaray Hotel. The unique architecture of the hotel has been designed to relax here with family and alone and as well as to hold the large-scale events.In addition, the hotel has an indoor arena to host the large-scale sports competitions. Also, the hotel has two high-capacity restaurants, where the meals of both national and international cuisine are served. The hotel is also able to host the large-scale sports events. So that The Gabala Central Stadium is located 300 meters far from the hotel.For those who are looking for more budget hotels in Gabala, Qafqaz Yeddi Gozel Hotel, Qafqaz Gabala City Hotel, Caravan Hotel and Duyma Hotels are operationg. These hotels generally offer accommodation and breakfast. “Qafqaz Yeddi Gozel” hotel is located in village of Vandam, in a beautiful landscape near the Seven beauties waterfall. Although the hotel is 3 star, there is an outdoor pool, spacious yard, playgrounds and a gym. The most delicious dishes of Gabala are served to the guests here. Another 3-star hotel in the village of Vandam is Duyma Hotel. The hotel is located in a wooded landscape near the natural waterfall. Caravan Hotel is also located in the city center of Gabala and offers a boarding house service consisting of 28 rooms. Qafqaz Gabala City Hotel is a 3-star hotel for those who visit the city of Gabala for business or other purposes.