Dining In Comformity With Nature…

You can taste delicious dishes following Caucasian traditions in harmony with nature in Gabala. There are public establishments that are able to meet all your expectations from fashionable restaurants to restaurant where you can relax with family or friends.

Khanlar Restaurant
Kosham Restaurant
Gabaland Fast Food Restaurant

Restaurants in Gabala

Steak restaurant “Chalet Steak&Winehouse” located at the height of 1920 meters in Gabala area, “Brasserie” restaurant of “Qafqaz Riverside” hotel and “Gabala” restaurant, “Nakhichevan” restaurant of “Qafqaz Resort” hotel, “Georgian Restaurant” of Gabala Shooting Center and other restaurants serve for those who live fashionable and delicious food. Here you can taste delicious food from both national cuisine and foreign countries, as well as enjoy a beautiful view.

Kosham Restaurant

Though located in the heart of Gabala, from the moment you step into Köşem restaurant you are transported to the city of Istanbul.
By providing the variety of traditional Turkish cuisine since 2016 in Baku, and 2017 in Gabala Köşem restaurant constantly offers best food and service to its clients.
Regular customers come back again and again for its numerous, appetizing kebabs and meze. Add to these pide and baklava, the finest meat, soups, drinks and an array of delicious desserts.

National Cuisine in Gabala

The national restaurant of “Qafqaz Karvansaray” hotel, Gabala Khanlar restaurant, “Firuza Restaurant” of “Qafqaz Sport Hotel, and “Saphir A la Carte” restaurant, as well as Koshem and Mado restaurants where the best dishes of Turkish cuisine are offered are located to taste local cuisine in national atmosphere with family and friends.For those who relax with children or who want to have a quick meal, “fast-food” restaurants are available in Tufandag hotel and Gabaland Recreation Center. Here you can taste favourite burgers for children, pizzas, fried free potatoes and other popular dishes.